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Hello, we have a few questions about the bike you’ll be using for your tour:

Your First and Last Name (required)

1. Will you bring your own bike?

If so, please ignore all of the following questions.

2. Would you like to rent a bike?

Bike Type Examples
Available on your tour: Hybrid BikeElectric Bike

3. Will you bring your own pedals and matching shoes?

(If you ride with pedals that clip to your shoes, then this is the option for you)

4. Would you like to use the flat pedals that come with the bike?

(Any tennis shoes will work with these pedals)

5. Will you bring your own bike seat?

(We recommend this if you really love your bike seat. Bring the seat only, not the seat post)

6. Will you bring your own bike helmet?

(We recommend doing this if you love your helmet)
OR - Would you like to borrow a helmet? (free of charge)
(Borrowing a helmet will save space in your luggage, but you'll have to make adjustments to get the fit right)

7. Do you have any notes or special requests?